These are character palindromes.
Here on this page you will find that almost each of the characters in the novel "HOLES" are being listed on what they do and don't like or their main attributes .
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Stanley Yelnats

S:tanley is obese
T:he warden is his enemy
A:ll of his inmates got exited when he escaped
N:othing can stop him from trying
L:ikes not to dig holes
E:very body call's him caveman
Y:es he hates green lake

Y:elnats is Stanleys last name.
E:very body especially zero likes him
L:ikes to stay out of trouble
N:aps very little
A:ll of his friends bribe him and black mail him
T:utoring zero is his priority(for him)
S:anitation is not his friend in green lake

Mr Sir

M:aybe he should go to anger management classes
R:odeo, cowboy!!!

S:unflower seeds are his favourite food
R:ides on a truck instead of a horse

Kate Barlow

K:ills her victims then kisses them
A:fter a while she is kissin kate barlow
T:oo bad she died too soon
E:nimyes are every one except Sam

B:est school teacher
A:lways made the most delicious spiced peaches
R:owing in her day dreams of love
L:oved Sam more than anything
O:nly died by commiting suicide
W: is the last letter of her last name

The Warden

T:he head of the Camp
H:as ginger hair.
E:nds up not finding what she wanted to

W:ears cowboy boots.
A: lady, not a man
R:eady for any challenges
D:oesn't like people who question her.
E:vil, hates everyone
N:o care for anyone


X: Ray is his nickname
-: is the ability that he can see
R:eally? Can see through peoples bodies
A:ccepted as the leader of group d
Y:elnats and his colleagues are under his command


A: big guy
R:uns away from nothing
M:oody he is
T:rouble is'nt his last name


Z:ero's real name is Hector Zeroni
E:nds up being able to read
R:uns away from the camp.
O:uch, is bossed around by everyone else

Mr. Pendanski

M:um is what group "D" calls him
R:atteled when zero hit him on the face

P:endanski always picks on zero
E: specially likes Stanley
N:ot mean to all the boys, he gives them water
D: group is the group he looks after
N:ot nice to Zero
S:unburned nose
K:nown as Mum to all the boys
I:s very tall and skinny


S:old delicious onions with Mary Lou
A:mazing with his hands
M:uch loved Katherine

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