This page is about the relation ship between Hector Zeroni (Zero) and Stanley

The year 8 class voice their opinions on what the think this is all about:

In HOLES by Louis Sachar Zero turns out to be Stanley's best friend and also his half brother.At the beginning Stanley and zero are normal friends. His and Zero's relationship gradually changed when Zero use to read Stanley's letter standing over his shoulder but he didn't actually read because he didn't knew how to read and write.So they both made a deal that Zero will dig an amount of hole for Stanley every day and in return Stanley will teach him how to read and write.Everyday when they use to sit together and study they became very very good friends shared talks about there life.
The biggest proof of their great friendship is that when Zero ran away from Camp Green Lake, Stanley also went after him to take care of him and because of that Zero got back to good health again as he was very weak after he ran from the camp.After they both were released from the camp they lived together at Stanley's house and after that they were brothers.

Firstly, Zero is a very quiet boy. He likes to dig holes and cannot read and write, He was first abandoned by his mother when he was
younger and ever since, he has lived on the streets surviving by stealing and taking object and others from shops and people.
Stanley is a big guy. He has a family and did nothing wrong to put him in this camp, he was just there at the wrong time. He has a nickname and is known as Caveman. He can read and write plus, he hates digging holes. Stanley and Zero (a.k.a Hector Zeroni) become very good friends and they connect in more ways than one and in very exiting ways.
The first way is at the beginning; Stanley gets convicted of stealing famous baseball stars’ (Clyde Livingston) shoes. They were apparently donated by Clyde (a.k.a “Sweet Feet” as he has this un-curable foot fungi disease where he uses tons of foot scent to cure these smelly feet of his) to a charity so they could sell them at a high price. STANLEY DID NOT STEAL THE SHOES. ZERO DID.
According to the book, Zero stole the shoes as he thought they were nice even though they were way too big for him. He ran off with them until he found the police looking for the stolen shoes, so he ran onto a bridge where unfortunately Stanley was passing below. Zero took off the shoes and dropped them from the bridge. They hit Stanley on the head and by the time Stanley wakes up, the police are surrounding him and the next thing he knows, he has been convicted of stealing “Clyde Livingston’s’” shoes and then sent of to a correctional facility for boys where they dig holes in the middle of no where.
Secondly, when Stanley goes to the camp and meets Zero for the first time, he doesn’t really notice him and doesn’t really think much of him. Zero has a reputation of being a little boy who has some type of silent disease who also likes to dig holes then during the week, Stanley writes a letter. He then finds Zero looking over his shoulder looking at the letter. Caveman tells Zero to stop reading his letter but Zero wasn’t reading Stanley’s letter because of one big thing – he couldn’t read or write! This was the beginning of their relationship.
Zero explained his situation and his past to Stanley. Then Stanley and Zero made a deal. Stanley would teach Zero how to read and write only if Zero dug a certain amount of Stanley’s hole every day. That way they would finish earlier and Stanley has some energy left to teach. The Warden eventually found out about this and didn’t like it so she stops their deal. By then, Zero knows mostly everything. Zero was a fast learner. Stanley eventually realized that Zero also needed energy to learn and thought he was stupid for not thinking in the first place.
Thirdly, after the two boys become good friends, one day, Zero runs out into t he desert. Stanley waits a few days expecting Zero to come back but Zero doesn’t come back. Stanley decides to go out after him so he runs out into the desert. He them stumbles across an up turned boat. He finds Zero there and Zero gives Stanley some sploosh which is an apricot mixture. They say in the boat for a while then carry on towards this rock in the distance with a rock carved to look like a thumbs up sign. The sploosh that Zero and Stanley had made Zero sick so Stanley had to take care of him. Stanley took Zero to the mountain where he carries Zero up and over the mountain landing in an onion pit with drinkable water and onions to eat. Thanks to Stanley Zero’s health is back to normal and the two friends return to the camp. They dig in the hole which Stanley found an object inside in such for some treasure which they think the Warden is looking for. They find it but then get surrounded by yellow spotted lizards. They remain in the hole for a long time from in the middle of the night to morning. During that time, Zero was trying to figure out what it said on the box. Zero found out it said “Stanley Yelnats”. Stanley’s lawyer comes with an inspector and takes Stanley away but Stanley can’t leave Zero behind so they take Zero as well as Zero’s files were all destroyed. With the treasure they find, Stanley’s dad is successful in his inventing business and Zero hires a team of private investigators and finds his long lost mum. They all live happily and Camp Green Lake is shut down.
Stanley and Zero become very close friends, like brothers. Even thought they are very different, their differences are what make them friends. Happy friends!!!

This is what I think;
At the start of the novel holes when Stanley meets Zero he thinks that Zero is quite a weird guy.

The way the relationship between Zero and Stanley grows is very interesting yet strange. In the first few days after Stanley’s arrival at the camp, Stanley finds Zero staring at his letter, at that point of time he thinks Zero is a nosy person, who wants to make fun of his letters. After a few days, Zero finally admits that he cannot read nor write and asks Stanley to teach him, this proves that he thinks Stanley is good guy and trusts him more then the other boys at the camp. Stanley agrees to help him, they become friends.

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