Here you will find a list of main characters and a little description of each.


He is very big, he can play pool, his name is Theodore and he is very supportive to his friends. He is very moody. He started called Mr Pendanski Mom. He is the second fastest digger of holes in the camp.


A cool guy who is another person who supports X-Ray. He gives advice to Stanley all the time, he is very helpful and kind.


His real name is Allan and he always supports X-Ray when he argues with someone. He is very nosey and likes to annoy people.


Stanley Yelnats was from a poor family. He was overweight and the kids at the middle school often teased him about his size. Even though Stanley was from a poor family he was very well educated. Stanley's family were always very unlucky (due to his great great grandfather having a curse put on him). So Stanley wasn't surprised when he was punished for the crime which he did not do, he was at the wrong place at the wrong usual.
Stanley is very polite and good to other people as he felt sorry for the bus driver who had to go back for another 8 hour journey after 8 hours drive to Camp Green Lake. He was also very smart because when he found a precious thing while digging he gave it to X-ray who had told him hand in anything that he discovered, instead of taking a day off. He wanted X-ray to accept him into the group, because he was the leader of Group D and thus he gave X-ray what he found. He was also very friendly towards other people. The boys in his tent also called him Caveman.


X-ray was the leader of the gang in group D. The children in the camp call him X-ray but his real name is Rex. His nickname comes from Pig Latin. He can't see well and he wears sunglasses with dirt all over them. He pretends that he can see through people and things. Because he is the leader of a group he gets whatever he wants. He has the shortest shovel so he gets to dig less. When the water truck comes to deliver water he is always the first in line. He decides about many issues related to his group which include the order of the people in the queue. Even the big guys like Armpit do what he says even though X-ray is not as powerful or as big as him. ArmPit listens to him and respects him.


He is a very strange character but is very nice. He was Stanley's best friend. Zero's real name was Hector. However everyone (including Mr.Pendanski) called him Zero because they thought that he knew nothing but he actually couldn't be bothered to answer any questions.He also was the fastest in digging holes. Zero was illiterate he didn't know how to read or write, and later in the story Stanley teaches him to read and write in the evening. He is very hard working and a quick learner, and he is a genius in maths. Zero didn't like to talk much as people would make fun of his ignorance, but he was a very nice person. He used to stand at the end of the line when the water truck came.


ZigZag was probably the weirdest looking dude.He had a long skinny neck,and a big round head with wild frizzy blond hair is stuck out in all directions.His head seemed to bob up and down on his neck,like it was on a spring. ZigZag was taller than Armpit but that was because of his long neck. He insulted Zero in front of everyone calling him the weirdest one.


Ms. Morengo:

Ms. Morengo was Stanley's attorney (lawyer). She was mentioned towards the end of the story. She was very short and carried a brief case. Even though she was small she was very fierce and made a very good lawyer. She was said to be Hispanic and talked with a bit of a Mexican accent. She had long straight hair and dark eyes. She also asks many intelligent questions like a lawyer should.

Mr Pendanski:

Mr.Pendanski was younger than Mr.Sir and not nearly as scary looking. The top of his head was shaved so closed it was almost bald, but his face was covered in a thick curly black beard. Mr.Pendanski’s nose was badly sunburned.
Mr.Pendanski was the counselor (Similar to a form tutor) of Stanley and tent D. He was a very kind and nice man, and told children three words were enough to remember his name : Pen-Dance-Ski. Althoough he was very nice he was told to be mean to the boys and refused - he only acted mean in front of the warden.

He always worked hard to change the life of the boys in Camp Green Lake to make it a difference. He is probably the nicest man in Camp Green Lake (at the beginning of the story). All the boys in his tent call him ‘Mom’ maybe because he took care and looked after them, treated them like a mother. When the boys used to go to dig holes he used to bring water for them and fill up their canteens. He was very nice to Stanley and also helped him make new friends but at the end he was as mean as Mr Sir.
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Mr Sir:

Mr.Sir wears a cowboy hat and sunglasses even inside the building. He is tall, big and ugly. He sits with his feet up on the desk in a way that showed he was the boss. He had a tattoo of a rattlesnake on his arm. Mr .Sir quit smoking so instead he ate a lot of sunflower seeds instead of smoking. He doesn't even care if the children live or die, he treats them poorly. He is very mean and arrogant.
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The Warden

:The Warden was a very strict woman. She runs Camp Green Lake. She was the reason why the boys were digging. It seemed she was looking for something and kept a very tight security system on the camp. She didn't like people who questioned her authority, but she was extremely smart and cunning. She has ginger hair and long legs, as well as long finger nails painted with red nail polish. Her nail polish was a high concentrate of rattle snake venom. She wore a cowboy hat and cowboy clothes but in her hut (the shade) she wore clothes such as t-shirts and shorts. At the start she treated Stanley well, but later she was sarcastic to him.

Katherine Barlow

Katherine Barlow was a very beautiful young lady and she had many admirers. She was a school teacher, the only teacher on all of Green Lake, so the fact that she didn't only teach children wasn't surprising.She was also a very good cook and used to make the best spiced peaches. Katherine was also a very nice and talkative person. She was also revengeful. When her love (Sam) was killed her life changed, she became one of the country's most "WANTED" outlaws (expected from a school teacher).


Sam is a very nice kind man who used to sell onions to the people in Green Lake. He was a Negro. He is in his late teens however he is very skilled with his hands and can make and repair things. He built his boat himself and also fixed the school for Ms. Katherine Barlow - Kissin' Kate Barlow (in the future). He was said to have the most delicious onions in the town of Green Lake. He also made his onions into medicine to cure many things such as baldness, asthma and colds. He owned a donkey named Mary Lou who he claimed was 50 years old. Mary Lou pulled Sam's onions around in a cart as Sam sold them. He was very muscular, and had big powerful arms. Even though he was a honest and very friendly character, injustice fell on him because he was a Negro. Reference: Charter 23 and 24

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