Here is some work by the Year 8 students

We took the idea from Holes by Louis Sachar, which is about Stanley Yelnats. Hence this little fun thing with names of students in the class. Each person made up a little description of themselves using the first letter of their names :

Joanna Razan Gustav Simon Karam Shantanu Hasan Nichil Vitor Mateus Jack Abdul Shona
Joanna Annaoj

J :unk is her only collection
O :bjective is to annoy teachers
A :nnoying and is also known as HYPER GIRL
N :"oo-noo brain" is her fave saying
N :ever stops talking
A :lways fights with teachers

A :fraid of Mr Maher
N :ot actually smart
N :othing ever gets done (homework)
A :tchoo! (fell asleep during one of the best plays ever!)
O :nly one thing is good about her - she wrote this poem (it was English hw)
J :okes and Joanna sooooo do not go together - I REPEAT - they do NOT go together

Razan Nazar

R :eally likes the colour blue (light blue)
A :lways sudies well for anything
Z :ombies scare her very much!
A :ll her friends like her and think she's nice and funny
N :ice Razan is always helping her friends and family

N :ever does anything harmful to her friends or family
A: t home she helps her mum to clean the house
Z :ero isn't her favourite number
A :nother sport she likes is rock climbing!
R :uns very fast like the wind...!

Gustav Vatsug

G :oes sailing
U :ses his brain a lot
S :ailing is his hobby
T :hinks sensibly
A :lways cheerful
V :ery respectful
V :isits his grandmother
A :lways creative
T :ravels a lot
S :ails a Miracle
U :ndertands very fast
G :oes swimming often

Simon Nomis

S:itting always watching tv
I :am usually known
M :y bike is amazing
O :n my bike all the time
N :ot lazy always active

N :ever resting
O :ften on my quad bike with my dad
M :y quad is fast
I :love quad biking and BMXing
S :leeping always

Karam Marak

K :
aram is funny
A :ny one of his friends like him
R :ap is his MUSIC genre
A :nts are his fav animals

M :akes quality H/W
A :ny one steals his food
R :aps like a skwealing cat
A :nimals love him
K :rispy Kreme is his fav doughnut shop.

Shantanu Unatnahs

S :creams very loudly
H :as a lot of energy
A :lways plays football
N :ever does homework
T :hinks a lot
A :sks lots of questions
N :ever listens to people
U :nder my house I ride my bike

U :nder 13 football team
N :ew name is chester
A :cts very funny
T :he school I go to is DIS
N :ever cleans my room
A :lways listening to music
H :ates brussels sprouts
S :ings weird songs

Hasan Nasah

H :is favourite sports are football and cricket
A :lways coming late to school
S :leeps very late at night and wakes up late
A :lways watching cricket matches
N :ever got a homework report since last year in DIS

N :either wants to go to school or stay at home
A :lways arguing that boys are better than girls
S :leepy in the weekends and also in the morning of the school days
A :t home most of the time he eats McDonalds but at school he eats less
H :e gets angry when his friends make fun of him.


Nichil Lihcin

N :ever gives up
I :ntelligent he is
C: omputers is one thing he likes
H :induism is his religion
I :n his house he does lots of things
L :oves video games

L :eopard is an animal he likes
I :nteresting facts he likes
H :e is vegetarian
C :helsea FC is one of the clubs he likes
I :njuries are common to him
N :orms he doesn't like.

Vitor Rotiv

V :ery lucky
I :ntelligent when I want
T :ries as hard as possible
O :ne nose, two eyes, one mouth
R :arely gets sick

R :eally bad at drawing
O :nce had a hamster
T :ry not making fun of me, grrrr
I :ndependent (kind of)
V :ery lazy sometimes.

Mateus Suetam

M :y
A :unt
T :asted
E : leven
U :nsatisfied
S :mall

S :nacks
U :nder
E :ach
T :able
A :nd was allowed to
M :arry

Jack Kcaj

J :oker
A :bsent minded
C :omes from Ireland
K :icker in a rugby game

K :aram is his best friend
C :hattering is his game
A :lways forgetting homework
J :abbering all the time

Abdul Ludba

A :bdul is funny
B :ut funny
D :on't mess around
U :ser name: 3ABSEE
L :ikes Quads (Quad Bikes)

L :ikes Freez (A Drink)
U :nder control
D :umb
B :uddy
A :nd annoying

Shona Anohs

S :
kate boards
H :ates to read
O :nly does her home work when she is told
N :ever does as she told
A :lways fighting with her sister

A :lways talking in class
N :ever does her homework
O :nly eats her crumpets with chocolate sauce
H :as two 2 dogs and 2 cats
S :he hates SPIDERS!!!