Styles of Writing

There are many styles of writing but we will focus on the writing style of Louis Sachar. He writes in a very interesting way.

Louis Sachar has made an interesting narrative choice. In chapters such as chapter 7, the writer takes the reader back in time using a flashback, he does this often in the book. He starts telling a new storyline and introduces new characters, for example in chapter 7 the writer tells the story of Stanley's great-great grandfather, and his experiences with Myra and Madame Zeroni. The writer creates two plots or story lines are juxtaposed which makes the reader ask many questions such as- Will the two points meet at any point?

The writer also uses a (all knowing) narrator which gives a better point of view to what other characters are doing and what are their thoughts, this often makes the stroyline more intresting as there is more then one point of view.

Louis Sachar uses very short sentences, this is very unusual yet it is effective. It makes the book much faster and quicker to read, it also makes the reader ask questions to himself and a gives him the desire to quickly move on to the next page and never stop reading.

Sometimes the writer writes directly to the reader this makes the reader even more interested.

As you see the writer makes the book effective by making the reader think, if it didn't make the reader think the book wouldn't be as good as it is.

The writer writes in very very strange patterns. We as a class have been doing some graphs to plot the parts of the story, to represent tension during parts of the story, check them out


Flashback: when the story suddenly jumps back in time. It can often give essential background to the story and characters
Juxtaposition: when two ideas are placed side by side that create an effect of mystery and suspense
Narrative structure: the way writer may decide to build the story in a certain way