The Wreck Room

You must be thinking what is the wreck room and why is called so? well the answer is easy, it is known wreck room by the kids but actualy it is rec(recreation) room, but since everything is destroyed or it is in bad condition, it is known as wreck room
The wreck room is a room where the children at Camp Green Lake get to spend their free time. In this room there is a lot of furniture but the furniture is all broken in some way or the other. In the room there is a TV with a broken screen. There is a billiard table but has been scratched badly and it is full of bumps (because it has been used too much). The sofas and armchair have holes in them and are loosing shape. The tables have at least one broken leg and some books under the broken leg have prevented the table from falling over.

You may think that the children in the Wreck Room might be playing or be on the move but if you thought so, you THOUGHT WRONG!! The children just sit on a sofa or armchair or even on the floor. Some children might play with something but after a day in the heat and digging a hole you will only feel like sleeping.