Stanley's Dad was an inventor and tried to invent the craziest things ever here are some examples of real life wacky inventions:
PS: Wacko Meter is 1 - 5 (1 being Wacky and 5 being Super Duper Extremely Wacky)

Name: Mop Flops

Description: Keeping the kitchen and bathroom floors clean is a difficult and never-ending chore, especially in households with kids and/or pets. By turning your feet into powerful scrubbing and cleaning tools, Mop Flops is a hands-free method that eliminates constantly bending down, or having to get down on your hands and knees to clean up drips and spills.

Inventor: Unknown

Wacko Meter: 4


alarm_fork.gifName: Alarm Fork

Description: Who doesn't like to eat?. Whatever it is people like to chew down food, but this leads to obesity and one of the reasons behind this is that people eat to fast!! If you eat slowly you will become full even before you have devoured your 10 course meal so thus less
food = less weight gain. The alarm fork is here to help you do this.
The rules: you can only eat when your fork gives you the green light. That's right, once you’ve shoveled some food into your mouth, the fork sensors cue the fork to emit a red light. And you know what that means, STOP! Now wait, tick, tick, tick, tick… ding! Green light, take a bite.

Inventor: Unknown

Wacko Meter: 5


Name: Mosquito Bite Scratcher

Description: This device enabled a person to scratch hard-to-reach areas of the body. Users would risk injury by backing up to the device, positioning the irritated area for best relief.
Though dangerous and cumbersome, there are those who claim it to have been "The Best Darn Scratcher Ever".

Inventor: Rachel Mckenna

Wacko meter: 3


Name: Indoor Sundial

Description: This device allows you to use a sundial even when the sun isn't shining. The accurate clock motor keeps lamp in rotation around the dial just like the sun. Correct orientation is accomplished by free-turning design of the lamp bracket rotor. This unique timepiece blends ancient world charm with antiquated twentieth century technology. Uses regular household current and voltage.
a) lamp
b) dial platform
c) lamp bracket rotor
d) motor
e) base

Inventor: Bruce Brodie

Wacko meter: 4


Name: Wrist version sundial

Description: For those on the go, this special scaled-down wrist model is just the ticket. Based on the same principle as its larger cousin, this version is much lighter and runs on a small computer battery hidden under the dial surface.

Inventor: Brent Weingard

Wacko meter: 5


anemoneclock1.jpg Name: Anemonclock

Description: The Anemone Clock awakens a person with a little more personality. Unlike other alarm clocks, this one challenges a person. When the alarm goes off, it rumbles intensely, making it a little harder to find the off switch. Due to the rumbling, the clock also bounces away from the origin, thus creating another challenge of getting out of bed and chasing it around the room (kind of like a pet). After the clock is captured, it rumbles the person awake. Normal alarm clocks are just too easy to turn off, which leads back to sleeping again. The Anemone clock awakens a person by means of sound, light, movement, and interaction.

Inventor: Aaron Tangclock.gif

Wacko meter: 3


DSCF2187.jpgName: Solar Powered Scooter

Description: Here are a set of plans for a street legal, affordable, and dependable solar powered scooter from Don Dunklee. The PV panels fold in for driving, and out for charging. Don rides the scooter 5 miles to work each day, and can fold the panels out for charging the battery while parked at work.

Inventor: Don Dunklee

Wacko meter: 2


flashbag1.jpg Name: FlashBag

Description: The size of the device changes depending on the amount of data it holds.

When the device is about to blow up you will see the familiar error message on your screen: "There is not enough free space".

When switched off the flashbag remains pumped up, so you can estimate with the naked eye how much more pics, books and music albums can be transferred into it.
Inventor: Unknown

Wacko meter: 100!!


Name: Compact Disk Eraser

Description: The Disc Eraser is the safest way to destroy CDs and DVDs, compared to known methods which are messy, dangerous, and impractical

Inventor: Sun Zag ltd.

Wacko meter: 5


Name: Wedge-proof underwear

Description: This simple, yet effective, device prevents "wedging" of undergarments. It is effective for all types of "wedging", from natural "ride-up" to sudden bully-induced trauma wedging.
Fully adjustable and machine washable, wedge-proof underwear lets you stroll confidently, even when there are large groups of dim-witted, attention seeking bullies lurking about.

a) heavy duty reinforced waistband
b) high tension socks
c) adjustable straps

Inventor: Bruce Brodie

Wacko meter: 5


Name: Thewalkolong

Description: The Walk-O-Long is uniquely designed to help minimize adult back strain while walking with your child. Whether teaching your toddler to walk, or going for a stroll with your 4 or 5 year old, the Walk-O-Long helps kids build confidence, balance, and coordination. It's an amazing tool(no way I am being sarcastic) You can buy this instrument for 20$(US)
Inventor: Unknown

Wacko meter: 1000!!