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What is Stanley arrested for?
a) Stealing shoes
b) Beating up a small kid for fun
c) Stealing exam papers
d) Calling the ambulance for no reason

What is the name of Stanley's bully?
a) Bruce Brodie
b) Derrick Dunne
c) Mary Lou
d) Hawthorn

What is Kate "Kissin' " Barlow's real name?
a) Kate
b) Katie
c) Mary
d) Katherine
Who is Clyde Livingston?
a) Baseball player
b) Basketball player
c) American football player
d) Bus driver

What were the campers required to do?
a) Plant vegetation
b) Nothing
c) Dig holes
d) Build houses

Which food did Sam sell 110 years ago?
a) Chocolate bunnies
b) Tomatoes
c) Onions
d) Hot dogs

What does Zero call his special peach mix?
a) Peaches & cream
b) Sploosh
c) Zig-Zag's boat
d) Zero's peach mix

Which group of campers does Stanley belong to?
a) a
b) b
c) c
d) d

Which animal is the most dangerous in the desert( in the book)?
a) Scorpions
b) Snakes
c) Yellow-spotted lizards
d) Monkeys

What is the Warden's surname?
a) Runner
b) Walker
c) Pendanski
d) Zeroni

Who used to sleep in Stanley's cot before he came to the camp?
a) Sea Shanty
b) G.Elliott Jofish
c) Caveman
d) Barf Bag

What is Stanley's lawyer name?
a) Bruce Almighty
b) Ace Ventura
c) Mrs.Morangitos
d) Ms. Morango

Why did Stanley run away in the truck?
a) To look for treasure
b) To look for Zero
c) He got bored with camp
d) He wanted to have fun

What was engraved in the lipstick tube Stanley found?
a) KM
b) AK
c) DC
d) KB

On God's Thumb what did Stanley and Zero survive on?
a) Beans
b) Onions
c) Carrots
d) Chicken Tofu

Which flavour juice did the boys at Camp Green Lake drink every morning?
a) Pineapple
b) Orange
c) Grape
d) Apple

Which boy at the camp was the smallest?
a) Zero
b) X-Ray
c) Magnet
d) Squid
What color was the Warden's fingernail polish?
a) Blue
b) Silver
c) Gold
d) Red

What is the name of the author?
a) Enid Blyton
b) Louis Sacher
c) Nelson Thornes
d) Gary Elliott

What is the brand of the shoes that Stanley stole?
a) Z
b) Pow
c) X
d) Nike

What animals attacked Stanley and Zero at the camp?
a) Rattlesnake
b) Scorpions
c) Yellow Spotted Lizard
d) Jack Rabbits

Who drives the Water Truck?
a) The warden and Ms.Walker
b) Gustav and Jack
c) Mr.Sir and Mr. Pendanski

Why did the Warden make the boys dig holes?
a) Because she knew that there was something buried under the camp
b) She wanted the boys to get tired
c) She liked holes
d) The warden used to dig holes when she was young so she wanted the boys to dig holes

Why was Zig Zag so excited in chapter 30?
a) He was leaving
b) It was his birthday
c) It was Christmas
d) He had a free day

What color was the Warden's hair?
a) Ginger
b) White
c) Black
d) Brown

What did they find in the treasure box?
a) Gold
b) Silver
c) Personal belongings
d) Documents and jewels

How long was the journey to Camp Green Lake?
a) 6 hours
b) 8 hours
c) 10 hours
d) 12 hours

In which chapter does Stanley go to Camp Green Lake?
a) 1
b) 3
c) 4
d) 5

What did Mr.Sir give the driver and the Seciurty Guard to drink?
a) Champagne
b) Whiskey
c) Soda
d) Orange Juice

Who was Ms.Morango?
a) Stanley's Lawyer
b) Warden's sister
c) Zero's mother
d) Stanley's dad's secretary

What was the colour of the clothes given to the boys when they arrive to the camp?
a) Orange
b) Green
c) Blue
d) White

Who did Stanley fight with, in his first day, after digging?
a) Lump
b) Squid
c) X-Ray
d) The 'Don'