Camp Green Lake - Before and After

Camp Green Lake stands in a hot and dry wasteland. But there used to be greener times, a hundred years ago it was a different story.

It used to be a beautiful green town with a lake. Many people used to live there. There used to be a man called Sam with a donkey called Mary Lou, and they used to walk around the village.

Sam was an onion seller. The people of the village liked them both. When the people used to come and buy his fresh round onions he never accepted change but the change he gave was onions for his donkey. People used to give the onions to the donkey and it used to eat them. In the small and quiet town there was only one doctor. Nobody believed in his medicine. Mary Lou’s owner used to make “medicine” with onions. People believed in his onion mixtures, rather then regular medicine!!

After a tragic event there was a drought and the lake dried up and so did the town and the people. Now there is nothing left of the town. I repeat NOTHING AT ALL !!!!

The difference was something like this (note these pictures do not represent Green Lake, they show the difference):



Now Henk-wasteland-.jpg