Here we will have descriptions of Camp Green Lake and also some pictures drawn by members of the group.

Camp Green Lake is where Stanley was sent, after he was caught with a famous baseball player's trainers.

This camp is owned by a lady known as the Warden. This camp is not a normal camp,it is a juvenile correctional facility,full of teenage criminals. The camp is not what you think, its totally different. There is hardly anything green. There are no plants except for two trees on one side of the lake where a hammock is placed between them. Behind that is a wooden house like shack with air conditioning. That is where the Warden stays. The criminals stay in tents. There is a shower room and a food room. There is also another room for the campers where they spend their spare time which is known as the Wreck Room.

The campers have a hard time digging as the surrounding of the camp is nothing but hot, dry desert where no water seems to exist but far off, there is a big rock, like a small mountain and on top there is a figure shaped like a thumbs up sign.

There is a tale about this particular hand which will come later. The camp is very rough and is very low on water. (For more information read this book known as Stanley Yelnats' survival guide to Camp Green Lake)


Now you can look at some places in Camp Green Lake:
The Wreck Room